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Green growth & Sustainability

Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In the corporate context, sustainability means corporations need to not only focus on their financial performance but also need to consider the social and environmental impacts they have. The impact on people, planet and profit are also being referred to as “triple bottom line.

Sustainability compromises the three dimensions Economical, Ecological and Social aspects. As economical aspects are part of sustainability, the objective is to keep the right balance between the different dimensions.

SKI through its competence/expertise seeks to bring that balance in organizations interms of both ecological and social impact

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Our approach
  • Mapping current situation
  • Situation analysis
  • Define strategic choices
  • Align the organization
  • implement & experiment

Aluminium rolling & recycling

SKI has rich experience with in innovative rolling & recycling technologies. We rely on long term customer relations and collaborate with organizations in developing products for the metallurgical industry and represent the company‘s know-how and expertise through our consulting approach.

Our approach :

Customer centric, alliances

Climate change & Energy (Cutting GHG)

we support organizations in cutting their Green house gas emissions

Our approach:

Climate change is real, it isn’t myth. It has become as today’s most pressing sustainability issue, and the way we use energy is the key to making real improvements. Organizations are increasingly starting to adapt and respond to this challenge, and we support their journey.

We help organizations and businesses:
  • Estimating their carbon emissions,
  • Finding the best solutions to reduce their footprint,
  • Communicating internally and externally about their ambitions and progress.

Digitalization & Operational Excellence

The new digital technologies are not just viewed as disruptive technologies, but in combination with OpEx culture it tranforms entire organization to be smarter, better and deliver results.
SKI support organizations throughout their journey embracing data & technology as well as continuous improvement culture, digital/agile mindset.

Future Farming

Deliver products that are field-proven for each grower’s unique on-farm conditions.

Usage of incredibly high-tech, emerging technologies better develop and predict crop performance. New tools like advanced analytics, imaging platforms, and artificial intelligence are changing the way in gathering and make sense of data and develop new products, and they are enabling us to bring new and better products to the farm gate faster.

SKI helps customers focus on breeding advancements in driving yield improvements everything that happens to seed.

Combining seeds, traits, chemistry and digital solutions to improve whole farm experience